How to Successfully Slow Down Time

What time is it? Time to GO!

Commit to implementing these 4 steps Guaranteed to Slow Down Time. You will be amazed!

Step 1: Do what’s ours to do, NOW.

It is TIME for each of us to do the basic maintainance things we know are ours to do without dread, contemplation or procrastination. We will not waste another minute, thinking about taking out the dishes, we will rise up and take out the dishes! No longer will we think and/or discuss putting in a load of laundry, we will be athletic enough to get up, sort out a load, drop them in and turn on the machine. We commit to never again spend more than a split second thinking about something that takes 2 minutes to do.

Step 2: Stop doing things we always do because we always have.

It is time to say a courageous, “No, thank you.” There is really no reason to spend time giving examples for this step, just tuning into our personal observer makes these opportunities easy to notice. We just need to remember that sometimes the most important person to say “No, thank you” to is ourselves.

Step 3: Decide a simple purpose of who we want to BE and how we want to FEEL.decidetobe

Get general; because we have all the precious minerals necessary for passionately living a happy, healthy authentic life inside of us.


Who are you going to be? Just decide. We can always change our mind later.

Step 4: Fill any space/time created by implementing steps 1 and 2 with ACTIONS in alignment with who we have decided to BE in Step 3.

I assure you that JOYFUL inspired ACTION creates a vacuum for MOMENTUM; it swoops in to lift us up, expand our horizons and enrich our experiences and therefore, slows down time.

Implement the 4 Steps to Slow Down Time and practice, Practice. PRACTICE.


When a friend crosses our minds, we will call them. We no longer wish we had enough time to talk and spend a few minutes pondering pleasant memories; we just make the call; for goodness sake. By making the call, we are deliberately acting on our chosen direction and stepping into the precious flow of the moment: Momentum.

I assure you, it will not be long until you say,
“Wow, was that just yesterday? It feels like a lifetime ago.”

Have a HAPPY, HAPPY day! 🙂




P.S. I hope this is okay, beacause i am publishing this NOW! Going to hug one of my dearest lifelong friend’s on her big 50, then off an Abraham meeting in South America (what North Austin folks call south Austin) and a salt water swim with like minded Friends!


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