Energy Sapped or Zapped?

There are no bloopers in the movie of our life; it is all magical.

When my energy level went from a 10 to a 5 overnight, I thought it was sort of peaceful to be this relaxed….at first.

Happy with Energy turned Off.

Happy with Energy turned Off.

Day 1: “Wow, I am still super relaxed from the Zero Gravity sensory deprivation tank.”

Day 2: “Ah, it feels like a great day to curl up with a good book.”

Day 3: “No need to rush, that will be there for me to do tomorrow.”

Day 4:“I think I’ll just do nothing today, I must really need a break”

happy coffee

Where’s my Happy coffee?

Day 5: “Okay, this is silly; I must be drinking decaf.”

Day 8: “Maybe I am so much healthier now that I should ask the doc to change my prescriptions.”

Day 11: “hmm..That didn’t work. Time for a complete physical? Hello Doc, I would like to make an appointment.”

Day 13: ” Oh well, I’ll wear something else, laundry is too hard.”

Day 15: “I can open a can of soup. Shopping is too hard.”

Day 18: Doc Day. Testing. 1-2-3.

Day 20: “Hello Walgreens! What vitamins should I take?”

Day 23: ” I am getting behind on everything. I am so ready to find out how to fix this and get cracking again.”

Day 25: “What do you mean everything is normal; keep doing what I am doing? I don’t feel normal at all and I am doing less and less every day.”

Day 26: “Hello Walgreens, its me again.”


Still, tired. Still Happy.

Day 27: “I am so tired of being tired. I am going to need a personal assistant and a live in maid.”

Day 30: “Okay. Okay. Yes, special fancy doctors, I will take the earliest appointment you have. Really? 15 days from now is the earliest? Well, okay, ink me in.

Day 33: “This must be what it feels like physically to depressed. I never really knew how difficult it would be to even “show up” for the day. I really am blessed to have this experience; my heart is cracked open with a new understanding.”

Day 35: “What if this is the way it is always going to be for me from now on?”

Day 36: “If this is how it will be, I will still be Happy.  I am so grateful to have had so many years bursting with energy. I may be sapped of energy, but I have been zapped with a new understanding of others and a greater appreciation of my life. It really is magical, that it is possible to be HAPPY in all things.”

Day 37: “Oh, that sounds lovely. Yes, I definitely want to do it. Thank you for thinking of me. Well…my energy level has been kind of low, so I am not sure if I can.”

Day 38: “No way OJ! Hold your horses! I want to spend time with my family on the beach, drive golf carts with my nephews, speak in Indianapolis, exhibit in “Galveston oh Galveston”, keep all my commitments, have fun, run faster, ride an elephant on the beach, go shopping in Bali, get a bespoke suit in Vietnam, snorkel in Phuket, travel the US in an RV, and publish another book! Calling all Docs, this is enough already. Yes, consider this an emergency; I can barely get out of bed. I want my life back.

to be continued…

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