“Dang!” – Inviting the Inspired to Reality

Lately, the word “Dang” has been popping into my mind.

The pronunciation of my surprise new favorite expression, “Dang”, has a long drawn out long “A”.  In a low voice, say it slow and easy, “dAAAAAAyynng.”

The thought of the word does not always lead to saying it out loud, but it is always accompanied by physical symptoms that “Dang” has crossed my mind. Either a slow side to side shifting of the head while looking down at the ground or a shobewilderedulder shrug that is held up in a locked position for considerably longer than most every day “shrugs”. Say it out loud, in a low voice, slow, easy, with a side to side headshake and long shoulder shrug and you will understand what the “bewilderment expression” feels like to me.

Due mainly to one big “dAAAAAAyyng”, (dAAAAAAyyng like a hurricAAAAAAne) thousands of small organizations nationwide needed our company to show up in a creative new way this week. To keep joy and ease, first and foremost, and for the long-term success of the Cause, we showed up virtually, wearing EXPECT RECOVERY GREEN and a grin.  We invited the inspired individual locations to come to the biggest “we support you” sale in the reality of NAMIStore by 3dASAP. ( A free service provided by 3dASAP Promotional Solutions since 2002 @ NAMIStore.com)

Yes, there is more to the story. It is unfolding moment by moment; perfectly 🙂


We really did miss seeing our friends at the 2014 National NAMI Convention in Washington DC, however; we are confident that this decision is yet another Win-Win in for the entire organization in the end.

By simply and happily “not showing up”, the insightful, inspired folks realize that you have always been there.

Dang, it is not that complex. Enjoy your HAPPY Day,


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