Little Fish living Large

I am being with the magic. Momentum has seized me. It is delightfully freeing.

It is SUNday, My Holy-Day (like a holiday). In maintaining my new practice , I will post (ta-da!) and learn something new (adding video – ta-da again!).

Enjoy this inspiring True story of Buddy, A Little Fish Living Large. Filmed in Grand Cayman.

Some Buddy Lessons: Decide, go that direction despite what others believe is possible, being willing to swim, grin, expereince new things, play and have tons of fun!

Thank you to my first follower Jarosław PlayWithLifE ( You found me! Currently, the “I am HAPPY” blog is on the down low, so it was a delightful surprise to connect with a new friend enjoying the journey.

Make it a HAPPY day! 🙂


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Our Dream Team at 3dASAP had the absolute best party this week. The GLoW pARTy! (yes, this is worthy of mixing upper and lower case letters )


We had the essentials for any party, people and food. We did not, however, have an official occasion to celebrate. Individually, and collectively, we do things every day that are celebration worthy! We met on purpose, simply for the joy of being together.


Picking Dave & Busters was a deliberate choice for the location, as it supports our plan to include FUN in everything we do. We laughed, joked, hugged and some met spouses of a team member for the first time. It was a HAPPY family reunion.


By the time appetizers were winding down, a delicious meal was as on the way and everyone knew after dinner we were going to PLAY! I was about to burst to show everyone some love.


I have been feeling what this moment would be like for weeks, I really love what we are accomplishing together. I feel such tremendous appreciation for each authentic individual that melds into our inspired Team. As I write this, I am also moved; because I feel so appreciated by them too. We honor each other.


I was prepared with an example of each person’s unique skills, talent, spirit and character traits that contribute to the momentum of our organization and those we serve. Everyone was presented an outdoor solar lantern that will glow nightly as a reminder of their own unique light.


Michelle : Sparking the Flame

Bel: Bright Future

Ranjana: Light of Hope

Cindy: Dazzlingly Impressive

Stephanie: Radiant Glow

Sherry: Consistent Flame

Michael: Brilliant Light

Elsie: Guiding Light Me: Ignite Opportunities


It is who we are that is our greatest gift to LIVE.



IMG_0605 IMG_0620 IMG_0627

photo (3)  still learning, weird paragraph solution used

Have a HAPPY Dat 🙂


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Magic Bat shifts Momentum in 2 minutes – Try it FREE today

Are you ready for a 2 minute momentum shifting experience? It is FREE *

my magic bat :)

my magic bat 🙂

This past week, I was walking to my office to prepare for a conference call with a hard carved, wooden  Mexican Pinata bat in my hands. (Why I had a bat is another story) I was about to put the gorgeous fun bat away to prepare an outline for the call, but I decided on just one casual, mindful swing. By mindful, I mean with a fun intent but without knocking over any lamps, catching the ceiling fan or putting a hole in the wall. Fortunately enough, I could feel the potential magic powers of my bat on that first swing, so I stepped outside for more room.

So, let’s do this. Pick up your bat. (real or imaginary. If you have a real bat, be mindful of your space)

Step up to the plate.

          Who me?

Yes, you. Step up to the plate. Bring your bat.

To enjoy the magical properties of your bat, be a pro, feel like a PRO. Stand steady, balance your weight evenly between both feet, bend your knees, face the direction you want, adjust your grip and tighten your hold, put the bat in position behind you. Focus, take your time. When you are ready, move all your energy from behind you through the bat and SWING!

This is your moment; this is when the real magic happens, so take your time, go into a slow motion experience. Hear the crack of the bat, see the ball change direction, moving  forward and upward. Follow throughwith your arm while keeping your gaze on the ball soaring off in the distance, keep your focus. Enjoy the feelings of energy moving, expanding your horizon, dreams coming true, being certain that anything is possible and  watching you intentions manifest. Farther, higher, larger than you ever imagined before. You are riding the momentum of the Universe, with the full support of Source.

Wow, this was a super fun experience. with your magic bat, you can enjoy a triumphant momentum shift with a few bold, fresh, inspiring home runs before you get on your next conference call. You know your material, prepare your momentum.

I am HAPPY 🙂



*FREE – One of my favorite things is noticing and utilizing life’s most precious and abundant free gifts.This experience is always FREE, easily accessible from any where in the world, 24 hours a day every day of the year, no internet or cell service required.


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HAPPY Travel Pants

HAPPY and I go hand in hand; we have for years. Now, we just have more fun together.

Lately, during conversations about travel, I found myself saying “I am going to get some travel pants”. In a social setting, this comment results in a quick sideways glance and the conversation continues. If I am talking with a friend, the number one response is,  “I hear those are expensive”.

Adventurous shopping, the more pockets and zippers the more excited i became .

Adventurous shopping, the more pockets and zippers the more excited i became .

I went shopping for my HAPPY Travel Pants yesterday. Mine were “free” and I couldn’t be more delighted.

Have to run (literally – for 10 minutes) then I am off to Zero Gravity luxury.

Have a HAPPY day 🙂


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