Allowing Flow, Letting Go & Letting it Be

Allowing flow to be our guide, we are supported by powerful uplifting Energy, Thoughts and Feelings. We feast on the delicious yumminess of Flow. I have been swept up and wisked away in mysictal loving arms of momentum.


Every person, organzation, and idea
intentionally flowing in the same
purposeful direction is easier to spot; a
they are equally easy to spot,
when they are not.

Over the last 2 weeks, my days of magical momentum have had moments of angst. They arrived all at once, like a great big beautifully wrapped package full of thoughts for me to unwrap. A few deep rooted, dearly loved people, organizations and ideas I have held for years were “suddenly and clearly” shown to be in a different flow than the life I now know.

I love them so much, that I say “suddenly and clearly” when I know in my heart that it is really “about time I decide”. There was no place for these thoughts to hide anymore, they had to come bobbing to the surface. The “new” difference in alighnment weighed heavy on and off my mind throughout the day. The thoughts were so foreign that they were a serious distraction and clearly needed be transformed as quickly as possible. I made giving these thoughts a top priority with deliberate attention during my morning routine. This was not always pretty; but at least it was not interupting the powerful flow of my day. I expereinced anger, sadness, confusion, and other thoughts and feelings that I am not proud of, and some that made me feel physically ill; this was some old, heavy, mixed up love, codependant stuff. Clear signs, that I needed a “healing”; it was time to let go. and get back to my continuous happy flow.


I love them so much, I really do. (Have I said that already?)  I have had a weak “letting go” muscle for most of my life, so understanding that important parts of my life since 2000 were going to look way different than they were “supposed to be” was tricky. Discarding sentimental t-shirts from 20 years ago is even a stretch for me. I hung in there, I thought, cried, prayed, mourned the past and mourned the future, and ultimately, I discovered something within myself: a great desire to lovingly supporting every person, organization and idea that I have ever loved. Yep, a pretty lofty desire. How many places can a person be at one time again?

One of the most impactful moment towards setting me free again was remembering that I don’t have to step in and out of my flow to provide loving support. I really can apply my 4 Happy Choices ™  to any situation so far.


I found myself moving into acceptance. People, organizations and ideas will come and go; and they can expect my full support on their own individual path of happiness, joy and ease. It is in my flow to let you go, go, Go!

It feels good to wrte the results and now I hear my own words over the last few weeks to others in similar situations, “Please don’t carry every resposibility you have ever had and every responsibility that everyone else has; it is to heavy and it is stressing you out.”


Allowing my flow and letting you go,
does not mean that I bailed or failed:
I just support you differently now.

As a friend and I discussed the direction of an organization, I said words so clearly profound that she said “Oooo, oooo, write that down, I am going to quote you in my next book.” here are what seemed like great words of wisdom at the time.

“It is possilbe to hold someone gently in love, without carrying them.”

One of my favorite quotes from Marrianne Williamson’s book  The Age Of Miracles, is “The fact that I have compassion for you doesn’t mean I shouldn’t delete you from my blackberry”. So, after sbout 2 weeks, I walked tall, but tentatively, into acceptance of a new way. Then something amazing happened – I came shooting back into my JOYful flow with new ideas.


I hold you gently in love from a different perspective.
I care deeply for you and I always will.
I am not letting you go,
I am letting you BE you,
so I can be Me.

Enjoy a HAPPY Day! 🙂


Photography by Glenda Pittard@ Sunset Cove, Grand Cayman (June/July 2014) Oh, except the one of me lifting up the sun 🙂 that was assisted by new beach friends. I took a ton of them too – very fun.

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3 Responses to Allowing Flow, Letting Go & Letting it Be

  1. mely282 says:

    I really like this post Glenda..letting go and letting be…this is free, genuine love
    Have a happy monday 🙂


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